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If your central Air Conditioner has not had a through inspection in two or more cooling seasons, you're probably wasting energy. Having a 14 Point Check-up can not only keep your system running smoothly, it can often pay for itself in energy savings. Here's what is included:

1.) Visually inspect/clean outdoor condensing unit
2.) Replace/repair refrigerant line insulation where necessary
3.) Check for signs of refrigerant leaks on service valves
4.) Run system to check fan motor & compressor operation
5.) Connect gauges to check & adjust pressures
6.) Check/adjust Superheat (or Subcooling with TX valve systems)
7.) Inspect fan coil and blower operation
8.) Inspect/repair accessible air leaks and restrictions in air ducts
9.) Clean Evaporator coil with coil cleaner
10.) Check/change air filter
11.) Inspect condensate line and trap for leaks and/or restrictions
12.) Check Thermostat for proper operation
13.) Check condensate and overflow trays for cracks or leaks
14.) Read and record delta T, Sub cooling and system pressures.

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